We provide and support the highest quality and most reliable construction equipment, backed up with dedicated service and support to make sure your machinery has the highest possible machinery UPTIME.


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For anything from new equipment, attachments, spare parts, repairs to ongoing support;
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Customer service that goes above and beyond is the centrepiece of what makes an Uptime technician a cut above our competitors. We’re committed to our clients by offering equipment support services such as repairs, spare parts, field service, and equipment maintenance services for all equipment from the brands listed above and much more.

A range of common spare parts on the shelf to help improve job repair times so we can get your equipment up and running quickly. 

Field service, equipment collection from site and equipment return once repairs have been completed. We offer this so you don’t have to get one of your staff to run around arranging equipment drop offs and collections., we take this on for you.

workshop with 5 trade qualified technicians, ranging from an Electrician, Fitters, Diesel Mechanic and small engines technicians.

GPS tracking and real time equipment information for selected plant from small plate compactors to large excavators and much more. Providing detailed data to ensure your equipment is productive. This also helps reduce insurance cost.

As we specialise in equipment maintenance for businesses, we can create a unique company asset register for your business and can provide detailed service history reports for each piece of equipment that gets worked on during the life of the asset. This is greatly beneficial for companies that go through auditing and that need to supply service or maintenance documents when requested. Plus the additional benefit is that we can work with you and monitor how much you have spent on maintenance of a piece of equipment and suggest replacement if it is a better economic decision. We act as your personal fleet management company. You can select how often you want a servicing undertaken on a piece of equipment and when the service is due an automated reminder will be sent to you to arrange a suitable time for work to be done. We can assist in managing the whole lot, freeing up value time and resources

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